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Reseller Store is a self-service portal for small- and medium-sized resellers (so-called "partners") within the ActivePlatform ecosystem. With Reseller Store, partners can automate their indirect sales of cloud services without billing of end-customers and:

  • Use the catalog for purchasing cloud services.
  • Automate provisioning of cloud services.
  • Access consumption analytics of cloud services.

The primary audience for this guide is managers of partners registered in Reseller Store. This guide uses special conventions and terms. It is recommended to refer Documentation conventions and Terms and definitions before getting started.

On this page:

Supported browsers and devices

We recommend using the following browsers to get access to Reseller Store:

  • Google Chrome: last three versions.
  • Mozilla Firefox: last three versions.
  • Safari: last three versions.
  • Opera: last three versions.
  • Microsoft Edge: the latest version.

For tablets and smartphones, the mobile version of Reseller Store is available (see Navigation).

Signing in

For the first sign in, it is necessary to set your password. Use the link from the invitation email message. For more information, see First sign in to Reseller Store.

After setting your password, use the Authorization page to sing in to Reseller Store. For more information, see Authorization.

If your password is lost or forgotten, see Reset password.

After signing in to Reseller Store, the main page is displayed (see Main page).

Getting started

Every manager of a partner registered in Reseller Store have access to the following sections:

  • Catalog — the catalog of available services that you can purchase for customers of the partner.
  • My subscriptions — the list of subscriptions purchased by any manager for customers of the partner.
  • Clients — the list of customers of the partner for whom managers purchased at least one subscription.
  • Analytics — information about cost and consumption dynamics of the purchased subscriptions.

As a manager of a partner, you can use Reseller Store for the following operations:

  • Purchase for a customer a subscription to any service from the catalog (see Order subscription). Reseller Store relies on ActivePlatform to interact with service providers and create required entities on the service side.
  • Manage subscriptions of customers. In Reseller Store, customers cannot manage their subscriptions. It is up to managers to stop, activate, or renew subscriptions, change the amount of resources. For using a subscription and consuming resources of a subscription, Reseller Store bills a partner, not the partner's customers. For more information, see also Subscription management.
  • View information about the company and managers of the partner (see Profiles and managers).
  • Depending on the manager's role — manage accounts of other managers and invite new managers (see Company profile and managers).
  • Contact the technical support team (see Profiles and managers).

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